Whispers - Jets D-Line could have big game

Here is the take of one Jets defender on the Seahawks offense line:<p>

"RT Pork Chop (Womack) is more of a run blocker. He's not as quick on his feet as LT Walter Jones. Walter is a pretty athletic guy. He doesn't get very physical. He uses a lot of technique. He uses his feet very well.

"[Injured RT] Chris Terry is a better athlete (than Womack). He is taller and rangier. He is probably a little bit more physical than Pork Chop. He moves a little bit better. Pork Chop is bigger, but doesn't move as well on the edge. I think he would be better off inside than at tackle.

"We have a very favorable match-up (Womack vs. Shaun Ellis). I think he will be able to get around the edge a lot. Just to change up and keep him off of his feet, I think [Shaun] will hit him with a lot of speed and then hit him up with power. Shaun is one of the strongest defensive linemen in the league. [Shaun's strength] will cause a big problem for both tackles. Walter will try and finesse him and use his speed. While Shaun has a combination of [size and speed] that is very rare in the NFL. I think he will have a big game.

"Bryan Thomas is also a strong guy. Most people think of him as just a speed pass rusher, but he's showing a lot of power. I think he's due for a big game.

"LG Steve Hutchinson moves well. He is pretty athletic for a guard. The other guard Chris Gray is a veteran guard who knows the tricks of the trade.

"[C Robbie Tobeck and RG Chris Gray] are going to have a lot of problems with [Dewayne Robertson]. We game plan strengths and weaknesses, and they have some weaknesses and we are going to try and attack them, and inside is where I think we will have a lot of success.

"They have played together for quite some time so they have a lot of cohesion. The line is anchored by Walter Jones. Overall it's a pretty good line, but I don't think it's as good a the line as we played last week.

"Shaun Alexander is a good back who is deceptively fast. He is a slasher, but when he gets hit a lot, he will give up the ball. I think that will be our focus to hit him and punish him. "I think our linebacker speed is going to be a problem for them because I don't think they deal very well with the speed. We don't have average speed, we have a very fast linebacking corps."

Extra points:

The Jets might try Jerricho Cotchery on kick returns this week to help out that struggling unit. They are averaging just 21 yards per return on the season. The only problem with using Cotchery is that he doesn't have a lot of experience. At North Carolina State, he did return punts, but not kickoffs. Plus Cotchery doesn't have great speed, so he's not much a threat to take one back all the way. He did return one kickoff this season for 30 yards . . .

Even though he is listed as "probable" there is a chance that linebacker Victor Hobson will be inactive again this week.

"[Hobson's] not fully well yet," said Jets coach Herman Edwards.

The Jets aren't going to rush Hobson back into the action with Mark Brown doing a solid job in his place. Also, with Sam Cowart now healthy, expect a bigger role for him this week.

. . .

Chad Pennington took exception to a reporters question stating that there is a perception the Jets can't win the big game.

"First of all, perception is a vague word - who said this," said Pennington. "Put you name it. Who said it? Secondly, I don't have to defend myself. I don't need to defense myself to anyone or anybody. We have won big games in the past and we will continue to win big games."

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