A conversation with Santana Moss

Santana Moss on his production, Pennington's arm and other issues:

Q)Being from South Florida, how do you like playing in cold weather?

Moss: No, I never liked playing in that weather. But when you have played this game for so long, you played in those conditions and you know that you have to go out there and deal with it. If it is sleet, snow, rain whatever it is, I think the best thing you can do is hold on to the ball and try to make every play count. You never know what play is going to be the difference in the game when you have weather like that.

Q)What are your thoughts on how the offense is playing?

Moss: It is evident, I don't need to say it. We are not playing good enough. We haven't been playing good enough to win games in the games that we lost. The offense isn't doing something right if you aren't putting up points.

Q)What can you do to make more yards after the catch?

Moss: Get back there, throw myself the ball and then I run it. I don't know. Everybody has their role. I am a receiver. I am out there to catch passes but if you don't have those catches and you don't have those passes, then what can you do? Every time I have the ball I am trying to do something regardless what the situation is. I don't care if we are down 20 points, I don't care what the situation is, I am trying to make something happen. In order for you to do that, you have to have the ball to make something happen.

Q)Do you feel you aren't getting enough passes thrown your way?

Moss: Anybody who likes to make plays would like the ball more, would like the ball all the time, but that is not the case. You know what our offense is doing; if our offense is (about) running the ball well.

I am furious sometimes because I think every time I get out there I can beat somebody. Honestly, that is how I feel, every time I am on the field, but if I don't get the ball, what can I do?

Q)Have you noticed that Pennington's arm is sore?

Moss: You probably can sense it a little bit. When you are a receiver you can sense a difference in passes. Chad always had a nice ball so you can sense it. You can sense at times if you see him throw it different. To me, you can expect that. If you hurt that, it is not going to be ‘I am going to take two weeks off and it is going to be better.' You know it is probably going to linger a little bit but I think he is doing a good job with it.

When you have a guy like that that is sacrificing what he is sacrificing just to come back and try to help us win, you have to be appreciative of that.

Q)Do you feel like you are back in high school with the lack of balls you are getting?

Moss: This year, I have been in my Carroll City mode. I go out and just block and when the ball comes my way, I catch it. I have been in my Carroll City mode. But hey, we are winning games. That is how we won games at Carroll City so I can't complain.

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