Game Notes: Pennington silences critics, then self

After hearing all week from a media that questioned both his arm strength and his ability to win a big game, quarterback Chad Pennington let the 148.1 rating he posted Sunday against Seattle speak for itself.

When he stepped to podium, he proclaimed, "Here's the statement."

In what seemed like a brief introduction (one minute and 23 seconds) to his post-game press conference, Pennington spoke of the team's preparation for this week and how Jets players had little to say to one another about the importance of this game. Instead, they let their actions and intensity speak for themselves, he said.

When he was through, Pennington followed with another action that spoke for itself. He walked off the podium without taking questions—sticking it to the media that had been sticking it to him for a week.

His most powerful statement: 18 of 24 passing for 253 yards and three touchdowns in a 37-14 win . . .

Along with watching tape on the Seattle offense, the Jets defense gained some insight on the Seahawks' attack from safety Reggie Tongue, who played with Seattle during quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's breakout season in 2003.

Tongue insisted on giving credit to his coaching staff, but he admitted to pointing out Seattle's tendency to throw screen passes late in the half.

With 3:18 left in the first half, the Seahawks had a first-and-20 from the Jets' 48 yard line.

"I was telling Eric (Barton), ‘Watch out for the screen!'" Tongue said.

Barton listened, stepping in front of a Hasselbeck screen pass to tight end Itula Mili, which set up the four-play, 54-yard drive that ended in Pennington's 32-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss.

Here's what referee Scott Green had to say about two close goal-line calls. The first, Jets running back Curtis Martin's second quarter touchdown, which was upheld on instant replay. The second, Seattle running back Shaun Alexander's third quarter fumble into the end zone. The interview with Green was conducted by Jets Confidential writer Randy Lange. Q: "Curtis Martin's (touchdown) in the second quarter. It was originally ruled a touchdown on the play and the replay was upheld. The question would be what did you see on the original call when the ball broke the plane. My question is why did you call a touchdown?"

Green: "It was ruled a touchdown on the field and there was nothing in replay that indicated that it did not break the plane. Therefore, we stayed with the call on the field."

Q: "So then forward progress was obviously not an issue in the replay or with the original call?

Green: "Once the touchdown is ruled and the plane has been broken it's the end of the play."

Q: Regarding the third quarter. Shaun Alexander carried on a fourth-and-goal and fumbled into the end zone. The question is what did you see on the play that led you to call it not a touchdown but a fumble before it broke the plane."

Green: "Neither of the side officials indicated that (Alexander) had broken the plane. Therefore there were no whistles blown, and the play continued." . . .

Tight end Anthony Becht's left knee was heavily wrapped after the game, and right guard Brandon Moore wore a wrap on his left leg, supporting his hamstring, which is still sore after a mid-season injury.

Head coach Herm Edwards did not mention either player's soreness in his post-game press conference, so it is probable that neither injury is serious.

Although linebacker Victor Hobson was listed as probable on the injury report for the second straight week, the Jets did not activate him for Sunday's game. According to the NFL, there should be a 75-percent chance that a player listed as probable will play. Edwards has said that he considers probable to mean something closer to 50-50. The Jets don't need to rush Hobson back since Mark Brown is doing such a solid job replacing him . . .

Hasselbeck did not start the second half, because he had an upset stomach and could not get out of the locker room on time . . .

Oscar winner Denzel Washington made an appearance in the Jets' locker room after the game.

"I was star-struck," said defensive tackle Jason Ferguson.

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