Pennington looks back at a rough week

Q)Do you regret anything that happened this week?<p>

Pennington: You know what, it was a situation that started out as a joke and it turned into an explanation and then it turned into an energized discussion. I think the only mistake was that when you have those discussion is that it needs to be in a non-public forum when the cameras aren't on. Other than that, I've enjoyed my relationship with the media. I don't plan on anything happening like this ever again really.

Q)Do you think what happened hurt your relationship with the media?

Pennington: I don't think anybody took it hard. It was just a discussion we were having, kind of a philosophical discussion. It wasn't meant toward anyone or anybody. You know what? I have had a great relationship with the media so far and I plan to continue having that. I just hate that the cameras were on. That was a big mistake and I didn't mean for it to go that way.

Q)Did you have a discussion with Coach Edwards about what happened?

Pennington: We discussed it. I know deep down in my heart that it won't happen again because I am not that type of guy. I am not a controversial guy. I allow people to have opinions, opinions are fine, they don't bother me because they are opinions. It was one of those things where it was a challenging week.

Q)Do you think it was fair for reporters to question your ability in big games?

Pennington: It is an opinion. I love playing in big games. The fact of the matter is in games that people so-call ‘big,' I have lost the last two. Does the Miami and New England game look big now? It is pretty big to them because [New England] just lost a chance at home field advantage and now they are struggling to get it back. It all depends on the situation and that is fine for people to have those opinions. I enjoy playing in big games. When it is big game, it is up to me to win those games and that is how I can control it.

Q)What are your thoughts on the sound bites sounding belligerent?

Pennington: I think it is passionate, it was a passionate tone. It wasn't hard feelings or anything like that. I just wish it happened with the cameras off because I think we would've got probably a lot more accomplished than what was accomplished.

Q)Does what happenened put more pressure on you this Sunday?

Pennington: I don't think it puts as much pressure as just more spotlight. It brought a little bit more attention to me. That is what I am disappointed in too is that the attention needs to be on our team and how we have played as a team, not on me and what I had to say on Monday.

Q)Can you sum up the events of the past week?

Pennington: Obviously it has been a little bit abnormal, but other than that it's been smooth. After Tuesday, it started to get smooth again. It hasn't been too much different, just a little fireworks on Monday, that is about it.

Q)Did you seek any advice from your father?

Pennington: No. My dad asked me if I felt comfortable with what I said and I felt comfortable with that. I spoke from the heart and I don't think it was directed towards any one person and it wasn't harsh words.

Q)Can Jets fans be sure your focus has totally been on the Patriots this week?

Pennington: Oh yeah. It is okay to have discussions. We have discussions at the dinner table, at work. There are other things besides football. You can't think about football 24/7, you will go crazy. You'll go insane.

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