A conversation with Chad Pennington

Q)What is the team's confidence like?<p>

Pennington: We have confidence. There is nothing affecting our confidence right now. Obviously we are disappointed and rightly so. We care about our season. But the confidence level. Once we step back on the practice field, we will pick it back up and get ready for St. Louis.

Q)Have you guys been able to move on from the New England game?

Pennington: It is called the 24-hour rule. The thing about this League is that you don't have much time to sit there and cry over spilled milk and get down about it because you have to start preparing for the next week.

Q)What would your reaction be to not making the playoffs?

Pennington: I am not thinking about that really. I plan on making the playoffs. I am just glad we have a second chance. Not too many people get a second chance, not too many teams have a second chance like we do. There are a couple of teams in the AFC that lost on Sunday and they know they can't make the playoffs. It is a year for us to be thankful for where we are and know that we still control our own destiny.

y Q)Will playing inside on the turf help the offense this week?

Pennington: I have always felt like we have played well inside, especially offensively with our experience in Indianapolis and things like that. You don't have to worry about the elements, you don't have to worry about the wind and the rain and everything like that. So, it is one of those games where it is the team versus the other team- nothing is going to be in the way of your performance. It is all right there. It is going to be laid out for you. Who performs the best and executes the best will win the game.

Q)How hard is it to move on from last Sunday's game?

Pennington: Obviously Sunday can't come fast enough. That is all you can think about after you have a game like you did. At the same time, you can't rush it because your preparation is so key to how you perform. We will take it one day at a time and regroup and make sure we are at our best on Sunday.

Q)Why does there seem to be a gap between you guys and the elite teams?

Pennington: I think it is our own lack of execution really. Every time we have looked at our performance after those types of games, it has really been about us and not about them. That is not taking any credit away from them because they definitely deserve all the credit. They win the games and we haven't. But we feel like we can tighten up our execution and be better at it and get better. I think we will.

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