Edwards on Abraham and Chrebet

Q)With John Abraham, was it mainly the weather that led to the decision not to play him? Obviously, during the week, he had some trepidation about playing and being ready. Where is he right now?<p>

Edwards: He's probable. I expect him to practice again this week. It will be probably a game­time decision again. Hopefully he's getting better this week. He really was trying to play. Just felt he couldn't do it. And that was probably best.

Q)He took a lot of criticism. Some TV commentators were really harsh. Mike Ditka said I wouldn't want him on my sideline. What do you think about that? Is that unfair? What do you think when they go after him like that for not playing?

Edwards: We don't really worry about that a whole lot.

I know John personally. I know how he's feeling. I know what he's trying to do to come back. And our team knows that. Hopefully he can come back and help us this week.

Q)With John, was the field condition an issue? Edwards: He wasn't a hundred percent. The thing is, he doesn't have to have surgery on it, and that's the great thing. What we don't want to do is have a setback where all of a sudden he does something and he has to have surgery. That's no good.

Q)So won't the surgery concern be an issue even this week, though?

Edwards: Could be.

Q)So you don't know have a feel either way about whether he is going to play this week?

Edwards: No. That's why you just have to wait and see as he goes through the week.

Q)How is he feeling right now?

Edwards: He got better from the previous two weeks. It wasn't good enough where he felt comfortable going. [Not playing him was] the right thing to do.

Q)What about Wayne Chrebet?

Edwards: Wayne, I would anticipate Wayne will be ready this week. And that was more my call than Wayne's. It's just I didn't feel good about it. I was dealing with the situation where Santana had a little bit of a hamstring. Wayne, you know, just had a slight concussion. We're only six days out of his last concussion. You go into a game with Wayne up, Santana up, something should happen to Wayne, Santana goes down, then we're in the game with two receivers. That hurts the football team, so you can't do that.

Q)What was Wayne's reaction to being de-activated?

Edwards: I had a long talk with Wayne. It was hard for me to [not dress him]. But at that point in time, I just told him, I said, "Just hang in there. You're going to get an opportunity. We're going to play next week. So you just get well and next week you'll be able to play."

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