A conversation with James Farrior

Q)What are your thoughts on facing your former teammate Curtis Martin?<p>

Farrior: Curtis Martin has our utmost respect. He's a Hall of Fame running back. He has proven that (with) another year under his belt, he has led the League in rushing. We all know what type of back he is and we respect that.

Q)How are the Jets playing now versus when you played them in December?

Farrior: I think they are playing with a lot more confidence than they did the last time we played them. They've been in some close games and the game last week just showed how much confidence they have. They came back and won a nice victory in overtime and they were playing against a quality opponent in San Diego. So we know they are a good team and we know what they bring to the table. We are going to have to be prepared.

Q)Your thoughts on Chad Pennington?

Farrior: He's been playing a lot better. He's been making plays and managing the team well. Everybody is picking on him because of his arm and you guys have been giving him a hard time. That put a lot of pressure on him and he's come through. I think he's a lot better than he was last time.

Q)What was the key to forcing Chad to throw three interceptions the last time?

Farrior: We tried to show him a lot of different looks. We didn't want him to get comfortable in reading our defense too easy. We tried to show him different looks to try and confuse him a little bit, and I think we did a good job of that, so we are probably going to do some of the same things we have done in the last game, but we are going to tweak it a little bit.

Q)What are your thoughts on the Jets' comments post-game, saying they want to meet the Steelers in the playoffs?

Farrior: Yea, we noticed it. We took note and we heard that they said they wanted to see us again in the payoffs and now they have their chance.

Q)Should teams be ‘be careful what you wish for'…

Farrior: Yea, sometimes. We're going to be ready for them and they are going to be ready for us. It will probably be a closer game, being that it is the playoffs so it's not going to be any type of blowout or anything. I know it's going to be a tight game.

Q)What are your thoughts on Shaun Ellis' comments saying the Jets will beat the Steelers in the playoffs?

Farrior: We were surprised that he said that, but when you lose a tough game like that against a good opponent and you feel that you had a chance to win, you might say something like that. We just looked at it and laughed at it and they got what they wished for, so we'll see what happens.

Q)Can you talk about what led to your departure from New York?

Farrior: We just had a breakdown in communications. It was a business decision. They (the Jets) decided to go a different direction and there are no hard feelings. I understand you know, what they were doing. They understood where I was coming from. It was a good break up.

Q)Was New York a place you would have wanted to stay?

Farrior: We tried to get it worked out. But it was one of those situations where nothing got worked out in the end and we both went our separate ways and I'm sure they are happy with their decision and I am very happy with mine.

Q)What is the difference between the Pittsburgh defense and the San Diego defense?

Farrior: I think our main thing is when we do our zone blitzes, we give a lot of different looks and we try and confuse the offense and not let anyone know where we are coming from. We show one thing and try and come from another direction. I'm sure they are going to be ready to pick it up, but I do feel that we have a better defense than San Diego.

Q)What did you think of Herm Edwards' sideline confrontation with Bishop Harris?

Farrior: I was a little surprised. He is the head coach and sometimes they get a little bit upset too. I'm sure they worked everything out. They are back to normal now.

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