Becht speaks out

Q)Did you feel underappreciated?<p>

Becht: You always want to be an outstanding individual player, but to be in a program that is going in the right direction, as the winning tradition begins to turn the table on their history, it is somewhere where you want to be. Do I feel underappreciated? I don't know. There are a lot of things that I do feel.

Q)What are your thoughts on your Jet career?

Becht: All I can tell you is that the five years I have been here, I have definitely given them everything they have allowed me to offer. That is the key word, ‘allowed' me to offer.

Q)What are your thoughts on your future?

Becht: It has been a great run as far as what we have been able to do as a team. But Anthony Becht, whether he is with the Jets or not, he will be a great player at the end of his career. If it is with New York that is going to be great, if it is with some other team in this League then so be it. For my five years staying here, it has been a good career.

Q)So you think you can bring more to the table than you did with the Jets?

Becht: I actually got a great quote that I got from Herm that kind of sums up my career, "Our greatest obstacles in life are created by people who try to put limitations on what you can do." I think that kind of sums up my career here. If you don't think Anthony Becht can do something and you don't think he can potentially be something, that is one thing but if you don't give any opportunity to try to do those things, what can you really say? Can anything you write or say or do, really be true?

Q)So you were never really given an opportunity to showcase your talent . . .

Becht: I hear things, I look at the things I can do, the things I should be doing. The things that the tight end position needs to do. When you want to try to turn and flip the script and prove, how can you? I have given 110 percent in everything I have been asked to do here and that is what I leave.

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