A conversation with Mike Heimerdinger

Q)How quickly did this develop for you? Are you stunned at the quickness of the job search and the offer to coordinate the Jets offense?<p>

Heimerdinger: Yeah, it's kind of going fast, yeah.

Q)Your situation with the Titans, was your contract about to expire there?

Heimerdinger: Yeah, it was.

Q)Did they express any interest in re-upping you and if they did why would you make this move?

Heimerdinger: Yes, they did express interest in re-upping me. Thought this was obviously a good chance to come here and work with a good quarterback and work for a great guy (Herman Edwards).

Q)You're obviously a West Coast type of guy, but can you describe what particular wrinkle or branch of that tree you would fall under?

Heimerdinger: I learned to put people in position to make plays. To put players in position to make plays we found out what their strength is.

Q)What are your thoughts on the Jets offensive personnel?

Q)The quarterback is a good quarterback. He managed the game well. He's very smart and a great competitor, so that will be fun to work with him.

You know, the running back, Curtis, obviously had a great year, and LaMont looked great in the last three or four weeks that I saw him on TV. That's the only time I got to see the Jets because we really didn't cross over. I coached Justin for three years before we traded him up here, so I know Justin McCareins. The offensive line I think is a good, solid, tough group.

Q)Are you a proponent at all of the shotgun approach?

Heimerdinger: I'm for the shotgun if Chad wants to be in the shotgun. We used it a lot in Tennessee because Steve was very comfortable in the shotgun. If Chad is not comfortable in the shotgun, then we're not going to put him in the shotgun.

Q)Are you going to integrate elements of Paul Hackett's attack into yours?

Heimerdinger: As far as what elements, I think Paul did a great job here and he's a great mind. I'm watching film to see what elements I'm going to bring or change from what Paul did.

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