Edwards: Don't discount Patriots

The Patriots are basically just a team that just tries to hang around. I think their coaches have done a great job of coaching that football team. When you look at them on paper and you look at Pro Bowl players or whatever you want to look at, they probably don't mount up to a lot of teams. They play very, very good as a football team.

They use all their weapons on offense, defense and special teams. Acquiring those veteran guys in the offseason has helped them a lot. That's how they play. They play it close to the vest, keep the game close and they basically always find a way to win the game.

The Rams are what the Rams are. They have been in the Super Bowl two out of the last three years. Obviously, they have a lot of offensive weapons. Lovie has done a great job installing a defense for those guys. The players on defense have bought into what they are doing. They are in an attack mode on offense. I think the last couple of weeks - they have won with defense and they have won with Marshall Faulk. I don't think the QB is playing as well as he was early in the season or in the middle of the season. He's probably hurt (sick or whatever he may be). He doesn't look like to me that he's functioning as well as he was earlier. But they have a tremendous back in Faulk and he has carried the load for them in the last couple of games.

Belichick is going to blitz. Sometimes, he's going to drop an extra guy in coverage. He's going to mix it up on the QB. Now, the QB is a smart player now. He's kind of seen everything you can throw at him. It's just a matter of the match ups. When they throw it, can you tackle a guy after he catches the ball? That's a problem you have with a guy if they start blitzing and things of that nature. You put those guys in one and one situations where they have to tackle the receiver. If they miss the tackle, it becomes a big play.

The Patriots are dangerous. They're playing with a lot of confidence right now to go in there and beat Pittsburgh like they did - that's huge for them. They know what they getting ready to deal with. They played the Rams. They know they are going to be the underdogs. No one really expects them to win. That's great for them because no one expected them to beat Pittsburgh either. They have nothing to lose because they are not supposed to win the game anyway. If you go in there with that thought, you just go in and play the game now - it doesn't really matter. The Rams are expected to win so they have the pressure.

...Bledsoe is going to throw the ball a little bit more up-field than Brady. He's going to stand in the pocket. He is not going to move. He is not as agile as Brady. He throws a very nice long ball. He can throw it over peoples' heads and put it in (if your in zone and a receiver is right behind a guy - he can float it right over peoples' heads and throw it in spots where a lot of QBs won't do that). He has the ability to do that. Brady is more of a dropback, he wants to throw it quick. The inside routes are probably his best routes. He throws the ball over the middle very, very well.

How to stop St. Louis: The little success I have had against the Rams - you stop 28. If you don't stop 28 -forget it, you are not going to win. Stop 28, it all starts with him. That's what happens to you when you play the Rams, you get into this they are the Greatest Show on Earth and you worry about all these passes and then 28 ends up killing you.

I think the Patriots have an excellent chance. I really do. They'll come in there and play loose. There is no pressure on them because no one expects them to win except for the guys on NE. And that's a great way to go into it really. It doesn't matter if they score a touchdown at the beginning or if they are down 14-0 in the 1st quarter or 14-3. It doesn't matter because they'll play loose and hey can do some things offensively, defensively, special teams wise to keep them in the football game. That's probably going to be their plan. Coach B will have a good plan and he'll definitely have a plan to stop 28 and try to take Bruce out of it. That's what I think you have to do.

Off-season Surgeries: Fabini (shoulder), Young (knee) and Lyle (arm or wrist)




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