Elwood Pennington on Chad's surgery

Chad Pennington had shoulder surgery today.<p>

Chad Pennington's father, Elwood Pennington, talked today in the Knoxville News, about his son's surgery, prior to the operation.

"It's either going to be scoped or a small incision will be made," said Elwood Pennington. "If the tear is minimal, it will just be a scope. If it's more than 50 percent torn, they will have to reattach the torn part. If it's less than 50 percent, he will just clean it up."

Elwood Pennington discounted a story by Chris Mortensen that the injury could jeopardize the quarterback's chance to start the 2005 season.

"I hear there's extensive damage in that shoulder and he could actually get cut on - as opposed to it being scoped," said Mortensen. "That means a longer rehab, which really puts their quarterback situation up in arms right now. I think some people just need something to talk about - just like my barber does."

Elwood Pennington said the surgery was done at noon on Tuesday.

"There is a two-centimeter tear and a couple of bone spurs need to be cleaned up," said Elwood Pennington. "We won't know (how bad it is) until Dr. Andrews gets in there. I think his way of doing things is more from the old school - if something more needs to be done, it will be done."

Elwood Pennington thinks his son will be back for training camp.

"Anytime you have something like this done, the shoulder is going to need at least two or three months rest," said Elwood Pennington. "The next two months will be spent getting back in throwing shape. He should be ready by training camp. That's why he is having the surgery now."

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