Jets lose John Lott

The Jets coaching staff suffered a major blow on Sunday when the team's talented strength coach, John Lott, joined the Cleveland Browns in the same capacity.<p>

Lott decided he'd rather work for new Browns coach Romeo Crennel than Jets coach Herman Edwards. Crennel and Lott worked together from 1997-99 on the Jets staff.

"I've admired John's work since we were together with the New York Jets," said Crennel. "He has the uncanny ability to get the most out of his players. The results are stronger, faster players who endure on the field for a longer period of time."

Lott is considered one of the best strength coaches in football. A testament to his work was the team's low injury rate during his tenure.

Lott attempted to seek other jobs before while with the Jets, but was denied permission. This time the Jets let him walk.

A leading candidate to replace Lott will be his assistant in New York, Sal Alosi, a former Hofstra football player.

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