Samuels renegotiation no lock

The Washington Redskins need left tackle Chris Samuels to sign a new long-term deal in order for the Santana Moss-Laveranues Coles deal to be completed.<p>

But according to league source, getting Samuels to sign a new deal might not be that easy.

"Samuels isn't going to necessarily agree to a restructuring, so as the (Moss-Coles) deal stands right now, it's not happening," said the league source.

The Redskins need Samuels to re-work his deal in order to trade Coles to the Jets. By signing Samuels long-term, they can free up cap space to make the Coles trade work. Once Coles is dealt, he will count $9 million against the Redskins 2005 cap. By Samuels signing a new deal, this will free up the cap space for the Redskins to take that $9 million hit.

The Redskins and Samuels are not close to a new deal according to a league source, so this could hold up the Moss-Coles trade, or prevent it from happening.

So for those expecting a trade announcement in the next day or two, they might be disappointed.

"This is not something that will be done tonight," said the league source.

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