How will the Jets replace Jordan?

With Lamont Jordan now an Oakland Raider, what is the Jets plan to replace the talented runner?<p>

Their answer will likely a combination of Kansas City free agent Derrick Blaylock and backup fullback B.J. Askew. Blaylock has a different style than Jordan. The former Chief is just 5-foot-9, 207 pounds, so he doesn't have the size that Jordan provided, but he's faster. He was described by one Chiefs official as "a lightening quick back who hits the hole in a hurry."

Blaylock is also a talented receiver out of the backfield who "possesses soft hands and natural pass-catching ability," according to the Chiefs official. Last year in Kansas City, Blaylock caught 25 passes. Blaylock can also help the Jets in the kick return game, a weakness last year.

But at 234 pounds, Jordan provided the Jets with a power running game that came in handy in short yardage and late game situations. Blaylock can't help there, so that is where the 6-foot-3, 235-pound Askew can help out. While Askew is listed as a fullback, he's actually more of a tailback, his main position at Michigan. He yearns for a chance at tailback, and with Jordan gone, he will get that shot. He will likely fill the power role.

So while the loss of Jordan is painful for the Jets, think they can get by with the combination of Blaylock and Askew.

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