Coles holds press conference

Why did Laveranues Coles want out of Washington after catching 90 balls last year for the Redskins?<p>

"I just wasn't comfortable, and I will leave it at that," said Coles.

Coles was asked by a reporter why it was necessary for him to get a new contract when he had five years left on a seven-year deal.

"I choose not to answer that question," said Coles.

When Coles left the Jets the first time, he blasted coach Herman Edwards for not doing more to keep him. He apologized to Edwards on Wednesday.

"Back then I was immature about the business of it," said Coles. "Now I understand it and I apologized a little while ago for saying the things I said. My emotions got involved and I said some things I shouldn't have said."

How is his problematic big right toe?

"I did pass my physical today," said Coles. "They told me I was cleared to play."

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