A conversation with Laveranues Coles

Q)You seem excited to be back with the Jets; is that true?<p> Coles: Of course. I mean, very excited about being back with Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin and the numerous other guys that we have here.<p>

Q)What about the whole development was the most attractive to you in returning to the Jets when you finally weighed the options?

Coles: I mean, just the fact that they keep it family-oriented here was a first. The guys here are all excited being here and that's what's important. When I was here I really enjoyed myself. This is where I started and I had a great relationship with everyone here, so it was very good for me to come back.

Q)I'm not sure how familiar you are with Mike Heimerdinger's system, but obviously he likes to throw the ball down the field a lot. How excited are you to play in his system?

Coles: Very excited. This is an opportunity for me to come in and be able to make plays and help the team. I'm going to find out where I fit in and what my role is on this team and I will go from there.

Q)You obviously had a great chemistry with Chad the first time around. Two years removed from that, how quickly do you think it would take to get that chemistry back?

Coles: Hopefully you would hope that it would come back immediately but I'm not going to say that. I'm just going to say that it's something that we're going to have to get back out on the field and feel our way through. I'm hoping to come back real soon.

Q)What does it say about you that you could not play for a Hall of Fame coach (Joe Gibbs) who had three Super Bowl rings?

Coles: I'm sorry you have to ask me these kinds of questions but. I don't think it says anything about me. It just says what kind of person are you.

Q)Why does it say what kind of person am I?

Coles: I mean, why would you even put me on the spot like that?

Q)My job is to ask the questions. I can't worry about putting you on the spot.

Coles: Okay. Well, my job is to not answer questions that I don't want to answer.

Q)Maybe you can answer this way. In Washington, you signed a very lucrative contract a couple of years ago and you did catch 90 balls last year, which a lot of receivers would kill for. What was it that just wasn't right for you in Washington?

Coles: I just wasn't comfortable, and I'm going to leave it at that.

Q)Why was it necessary for you to get a new contract when you had five years to go on a seven-year deal?

Coles: I choose not to answer that question.

Q)When you left here, I think you were a little upset that the Jets didn't make more of an effort to keep you; how do you feel about that now, given that they turned around a couple of years later and wanted to bring you back?

Coles: Well, back then I was very immature about the business side of it and now I understand it, and I apologized a little while ago for saying the things I said. But I think my emotions got involved and I said some things I shouldn't have said.

Q)How is your toe doing and has that situation been accurately portrayed in the media?

Coles: Well, I'll leave that to the doctors discuss, but I did pass my physical today.

Q)Are you going to have surgery on that toe?

Coles: I'll leave that for the doctors.

Q)You said before and just now that you were emotional the last time you left the Jets. Do you feel like you let your emotions get the better of you at all with the Redskins situation?

Coles: I feel like I matured quite a bit and I didn't understand the business side of it back then, but now I pretty much understand it and understand how it works. My relationship with the Redskins is not bad.

Q)Do you think you put Santana Moss under some serious pressure trying to live up to what you did down there?

Coles: I think Santana is a great player and I think Santana is going to flourish in that offense.

Q)You talked about how you had a good relationship with a lot of teammates in Washington, but by what you did, they took a $9 million cap hit and they won't be able to do anything to improve their team. How do you feel about that in relation to your ex-teammates?

Coles: I mean, that's a front office decision. That has nothing to do with me. I don't make those decisions.

Q)When things looked bleak and it didn't look like the trade was going to happen, was [Chad Pennington] trying to lobby for you to get here?

Coles: Could I hear a name, please?

Q)Me? It's Rich Cimini at the New York Daily News. I was just wondering if he talked to you during the process to maybe get you to come here more or what was that like?

Coles: He didn't have to do that. I wanted to be here. Any time you have a quarterback like Chad Pennington at the helm, who would not want to come and play with him?

Q)Why will Santana flourish in that offense if you don't think it was good for you?

Coles: Well, I just feel like we're both good players. I feel like I flourished in it, so I feel like he will.

Q)If you feel like you flourished, why do you feel like you wanted to get out of it? Why would you want to get out of something you were flourishing in?

Coles: Like I said, I wasn't comfortable and I'm going to leave it like that.

Q)Would you have reported to the Jets if you didn't get the new contract?

Coles: No comment.

Q)With the toe injury, did you think that was a factor at all in the fact that your yards-per-catch was down last year and you only had one touchdown? Did that maybe hinder some of your breakaway speed?

Coles: Well, all I can tell you to do is watch the film after this year and we'll go from there.

Q)We're not allowed to talk to the doctors with the Jets. With the toe, will you require a cortisone shot to play next year?

Coles: If you're not allowed to talk to the doctors, and I'm not allowed to talk about it, you aren't really getting much information, are you? (Laughter).

All I'm going to say is look at the papers and see if I missed any games with it, and I'm going to leave it at that.

Q)I don't know if you've thought of it in these terms, but obviously you're more comfortable coming back to a team and a place that you know, but have you thought about possibly maybe the expectations even coming from you would be higher coming back here than, say, going to another team?

Coles: No. I hope y'all don't put that much pressure on me, because I'm not putting all that much pressure on y'all to write a good story about me.

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