Could Heath Miller slip to the Jets?

We talked to an NFL scout this week about the draft's top tight end Heath Miller. Here is that conversation:<p>

Q)What are the chances of Virginia tight end Heath Miller slipping to the Jets at 26?

Scout: It will be tight, but it's not as unreal as it was just a month ago. They may only have to deal up 5-6 picks to be within range I doubt he works out before the draft.

Q)Why is there more of a chance now than a month ago?

Scout: No workout at the Combine and no Pro Day evaluation. It will make him slip. I figured he would go anywhere from 12-18 before. So now he could fall to the end of the first?

Q)Why is he not working out?

Scout: He had a sports hernia/groin injury. They tried to keep it quiet. But it came out a few weeks before the Combine.

Q)Did he get an operation on it?

Scout: Yes, sometime in January.

Q)So the Jets could have the tight end they need fall into their laps.

Scout: Potentially yes... or within range for a draft day deal. Dallas at #20 could be a trade partner. Minnesota at #18 since they would save some cap space.

Q)What do you think of Miller as a prospect?

Scout: Miller will be a very good to above-average TE, but he is not as explosive as Todd Heap, Antonio Gates or guys like that. But there is nothing wrong with a Bubba Franks kind of guy. He should be good on red zone and third downs

Q)So you're saying he will not work out at all for teams before the draft?

Scout: It is not looking good. It's 50/50 right now. Maybe in April sometime, but I think he will stand on his game film and projected workout numbers.

Q)We hear he's a great kid.

Scout: He handled himself well at the combine.

Q)What type of blocker is he?

Scout: He is average or just over average. He is better on the move. He gets stood up or moved off the line of scrimmage at times. He plays a little high on his blocks. He loses leverage and might need better overall strength. He is willing to work on the blocking.

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