A conversation with Lance Legree

Q)Lance, are you coming in as a nose tackle to fill in where Jason Ferguson left off or are you more of a swing guy? How are you being viewed? How has the team told you you're going to start off?<p>

Legree: I'm coming in as a defensive tackle. Primarily I think I'll be playing defensive tackle. I think, in a worst case scenario or if something happens, they know I have the ability to step in as a defensive end.

Q)You have a relationship with the coach on your new staff, Denny Marcin. What can you say about him and what he's done for you in your career?

Legree: Denny has done a tremendous amount for me in my career. I came into the Giants with Denny as my coach, and Denny coached me for three years there. Just in my development as a football player, I think Denny has been very instrumental in that. Hopefully I can continue to develop with him as my coach again.

Q)Lance, did you think that the Giants would pursue you a little harder? If so, are you disappointed they did not?

Legree: Well, I mean, of course you would hope that they would pursue you more. I knew that they had to make decisions in which they were trying to build a certain type of defense. I figured I just didn't fit into their plans.

Q) Lance, how great is it for a player like you to be on a D-line with Abraham, Ellis and Robertson as far as freeing things up for you to be able to do things because of the attention they get?

Legree: I think it's great. I mean, those guys are going to get so much attention. When it all boils down, you can't double everybody. So I think it's going to open up a lot of opportunities for me. I just have to be prepared to make those opportunities work for me.

Q)From your discussions with the coaches, do you feel you're going to start?

Legree: They told me I'm in a position that I have to come in and work, but I could very easily start on this team.

Q)Are you more of a run-stuffer than pass rusher?

Legree: Well, I think I'm more of a balanced player. You know, I came into this league more of a run stopper, but I think I've developed my pass rush ability. I've focused on that. I think that I've balanced things out. But, you know, I think for the most part, I am a run stopper.

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