A conversation with Derrick Blaylock

Q)Do you think you will get your fair share of carries with Curtis kind of getting on in years? <p>

Blaylock: Absolutely. Absolutely. I feel like if I come in and prove myself, the opportunity will be given to me for, you know, maybe 15 carries a game. I'm ready for that.

Q)Derrick, a lot of people in New York haven't really seen you run. How would you describe yourself as a running back?

Blaylock: I would describe myself as a slasher, man. I'm pretty quick to the hole, I have pretty nice moves, and a little power behind me. Don't think I won't drop the shoulder on a couple guys (laughter).

Q)Derrick, you've played behind Priest Holmes and you've seen the example that he set of a guy who kind of came out of nowhere. Do you see yourself as that kind of guy once your career kind of gets going more?

Blaylock: Exactly, yeah. I really do, man. I feel like I could be a starter in the league. I've been preparing for the day to come that I would be the starter. But right now I know what my role is, and that's to come in and back up Curtis.

QAre you feeling any "pressure." LaMont Jordan was very popular here, and a lot of people are going to be comparing you to him. How do you feel about following a guy like that?

Blaylock: I'm not pressured at all. LaMont Jordan and Derrick Blaylock are two different people, and two different running styles. All I can do is go out and play the game that I know how to play. And I'm not going to worry about LaMont Jordan, what he did. I'm just going to go out and play football and I guarantee the fans will appreciate the job that I'll get done.

Q)Do you think Terry Bradway's Kansas City connection was instrumental in him signing you for the Jets?

Blaylock: He left Kansas City when they were drafting me. So he was on his way out when I was on my way in. He's heard about me because he's kept communication with Mr. (Carl) Peterson and a lot of those guys.

Q)How hard did the Chiefs try to keep you?

Blaylock: You know, they wanted me back pretty bad. I talked to a couple of the coaches before I left to visit Houston. They wanted me to come back. But they knew there was an opportunity if I did get on the free market that somebody would pick me up and they wouldn't be able to afford me. All of them gave me the best wishes and things like that. Everything worked out good.

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