Pennington recovery could take a year

Quarterback Jim Miller, recently signed by the New York Giants, had surgery in 2002 to repair partial tears in two rotator cuff tendons.<P>

Miller said that Pennington would have to be patient because it's going to take awhile before he feels like his old self again on the football field.

"It's going to take him at least a year to feel good and feel confident when he throws a football," Miller said. "But he'll be able to play at a high level.

"Personally, I'm older than Chad, and it takes me longer to heal. But from the doctors I've spoken with, it's a good yearlong recovery from rotator cuff surgery. Chad's a great competitor, but time is the thing that determines everything. It takes a while to heal and Chad will have to constantly stay on it. He's an overhand thrower and it's a daily ritual to keep the muscles strong. After surgery, the shoulder is constantly tight. To get that flexibility back is the most important part of the regimen."

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