Is Abraham on the trading block?

An agent for a Pro Bowl defensive lineman shot down a trade rumor that said the Vikings were looking to trade for his client.<p>

The agents for Pro Bowl defensive end John Abraham are seeking a long-term deal for their client, and that deal will most likely have to come via trade. But, contrary to a rumor that was picking up steam this week, the Vikings are not among the teams in the bidding for Abraham¹s services, Rich Rosa, one of Abraham's representatives, told Viking Update Friday afternoon.

"That would be a rumor to me," Rosa said. "I haven't heard anything from the Jets nor the Vikings."

Abraham's agents aren't allowed to work on a long-term deal with the Jets until July 25, Rosa said, since the team placed the franchise tag on him. The franchise tag would pay him an average of the top five defensive ends from last year, giving him a one-year deal for $6,666,000. Abraham is in search a long-term deal, but Rosa wouldn't indicate what kind of financial terms they are seeking.

A report in the New York Daily News connected a potential Abraham trade with the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, citing coaches who are familiar with Abraham (Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells, who was the general manager of the Jets when they drafted Abraham, and Vikings defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, who held the same position with the Jets from 2001-2003).

"Under the current system, we're actively talking to teams because if you have the ability to trade, that's what you do with the franchise tag if you want to get out," said Rosa. "We're trying to secure a long-term contract with the Jets, and any team that he would be traded to, we'd want a multiple-year contract in place."

Are the Jets attempting to sign Abraham to a long-term deal?

"I couldn't tell you because they haven't expressed that to us," said Rosa. "We're not allowed to talk to the Jets about his contract situation until July 25."

Abraham is currently holding out from the Jets, refusing to participate in their off-season program until he gets a long-term deal.

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