A conversation with draft guru John Murphy

Q)Has Stanford tight end Alex Smith come to visit the Jets yet?<p>

Murphy: I know the Jets have talked to his reps. They really just want a physical, but don't want to have teams know he has come in.

Leberfeld: What round should they consider him in?

Murphy: It's got to be second round, but they would have to move up.

Leberfeld: Anything new on Heath Miller?

Murphy: Not really. It's been really quiet, which probably means he is falling.

Leberfeld: Is he going to workout before the draft?

Murphy: No.

Q)What do you think of Miami's Kevin Everett? Do you think he's the third best TE in the draft?

Murphy: He's not healthy either with his shoulder. I bet Everett slips to the second day. He had lost 12-15 pounds since the end of the season because of his inability to train really hard.

I know a few teams that have Miller with a late 1st, Smith with a 2nd, and do not have another tight end graded higher than 4th round.

The Collins kid from Notre Dame based on size, speed and upside could be a late 3rd rounder.

Leberfeld: So what do you think the Jets are going to do? They need to get a tight end who can contribute immediately?

Murphy: They might try to make a deal with a team like Philly to move up in the second round to pick Alex Smith.

Leberfeld: If the Jets go CB at 26, what do you think they should do?

Murphy: It depends on when the run on CB's happen.

Leberfeld: I hear they like Michigan's Marlin Jackson, but I don't think he's what they need. They need a speed CB.

Murphy: Jackson would be a lot like Strait.

Leberfeld: They brought in Iowa State's Hobbs for a visit . . .

Murphy: Hobbs is more of a late day one guy... 3rd round or so. Now there are a ton of guys like Hobbs, 3rd-4th rounders that could be solid nickel guys.

Leberfeld: What do you think of Hobbs?

Murphy: He is very solid across the board. He has good speed, he's a very good technique guy. He was impressive in his positional workouts.

Leberfeld: The Jets had Missouri defensive tackle C.J. Mosley in for a visit. What do you think of him?

Murphy: He's a late 2nd to 3rd rounder. He has some work to do in terms of consistency, but flashes some upside thanks to his quickness off the ball.

Some teams have him much lower because he does not show up all the time on film.

Leberfeld: A lot of people are mentioning Nebraska cornerback Fabian Washington with the Jets . . .

Murphy: Jacksonville likes him too. Speed is the driving force behind his name being pushed up. I think he can serve as a nickel/return man early. He's not a great tackler. He needs to improve vs. the run, but has the speed and quickness to run with most WR's 1-on-1.

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