Jets Notebook: Jerald Sowell holding out

The Jets held their pre-draft press conference on Thursday.<p>

The Jets currently have the 26th pick of the first round.

"This year there are 18-20 legitimate first round picks," said Jets GM Terry Bradway. "If we can't get one of them, if someone is willing to trade with us, we might move back. At 26, there is a good chance we can fill a need and get value."

The Jets number one need in this draft, might be the weakest position in the draft.

"Tight end position is not strong," said Bradway. "There are four guys we think can come in and be legitimate backups. There are a couple of tight ends who can come in and start, but they can't beat out Chris Baker." . . .

As for defensive end John Abraham, who is currently holding out, the Jets haven't received any trade offers yet, according to the GM.

"I haven't heard from anybody," said Bradway. "We expect Abraham to be with us in 2005. I expect John Abraham to be here in 2005. I expect him to be here playing for us."

But Abraham will not participating in the off-season conditioning program. Does that concern the Jets?

"Not at all," said Jets coach Herman Edwards. "I know John Abraham, he will be ready to play." . . .

The Jets claim quarterback Chad Pennington is doing well in his rehabiliation from off-season shoulder surgery.

"He is progressing well," said Edwards. "I would anticipate in June he will be throwing the ball." . . .

Jets fullback Jerald Sowell isn't participating in the off-season program, and might be holding out due to his current contract situation . . .

The Jets have yet to offer defensive tackle James Reed a contract.

"Reed is still out on the street," said Bradway. "We will make a decision after the draft."

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