A conversation with draft insider John Murphy

Dan Leberfeld: What would you think of the Jets picking Jamal Brown at 26 to play right tackle? <p>

Murphy: Now that could be an option. I was told that some teams have some questions about his injury chart, and have been shying away from him.

Leberfeld: Do you think teams are overrating Fabian Washington?

Murphy: Yes, because of his 40-time.

Leberfeld: If the Jets pick Fabian at 26, what will they be getting in 2005? What type of rookie contribution can he make?

Murphy : He can be a nickel, special teams player and return man.

Leberfeld: So you are saying he wouldn't be a starting candidate in his first year?

Murphy: You could start him, but to me he's not a finished product. He could either come on quick or have the likely rookie struggles.

Leberfeld: Who do you like better Justin Miller or Washington?

Murphy: Different guys. Miller is a little bigger and can play more physical. Fabian's speed and quickness could prove to make him a difference-maker on returns, where as Miller is more of a solid return man, but maybe not as explosive.

If they fell in love with his speed they would go Fabian. Miller would also seem to be the type of guy that would appeal to Herm because he's a little more physical.

Leberfeld: What is going on with Heath Miller?

Murphy: I know the Steelers had Miller in for a visit. One team feels Miller has been very quiet because there maybe more to his injury status than he has said.

Leberfeld: How far can the trade down and still get tight end Alex Smith?

Murphy: Probably to the 35-38 range, around Detroit and Tampa Bay in Round Two.

Leberfeld: Do you think Adrian Jones can be an effective starter for the Jets at RT in 2005?

Murphy: I think it will be shakey, but he's a really good athlete and could progress better than we think. I think the Jets add a vet after the draft.

Leberfeld: Getting back to Justin Miller. What type of pro do you think he's going to be?

Murphy: Miller can be a very solid #2 CB and add something with his returns. The Jets would be gambling a little bit there. I am not sold on the fact that he would be a better pro than Strait.

Leberfeld: Getting back to Washington. Do you think Washington would make sense at 26 or are people overating him because of his 4.29 forty?

Murphy: Number 26 would be okay. Moving up to draft someone based on the 40 would be a mistake. but he can play as at least a nickel and return next year... so it would be a good value at #26.

Leberfeld: Compare Washington and Miller as return men?

Murphy: Washington's speed is better. Miller has good vision and can make some people miss. Washington will break more long ones over the long haul.

Leberfeld: If you have the choice between Miller or Washington, who would you pick?

Murphy: Washington has more upside. I think I would go him.

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