Jets might try to trade up

The Jets wheeling-and-dealing might not be over.<p>

There are rumors circulating that they are attempting to trade up into the first round.

This a couple of days after trading out of the first round in a trade with the Oakland Raiders for tight end Doug Jolley.

The Jets might now try to package the second round pick acquired along with Jolley, along with their own #2, and likely another pick, to move back into the first round.

One player the Jets might be targeting is Auburn cornerback Carlos Rogers. Another possibility is Northwestern defensive tackle Luis Castillo. The Jets also like Oklahoma right tackle Jammal Brown.

In order to get Rogers, they would likely have to trade up to 15, and get Kansas City's pick. The Chiefs would be interested in Rogers, as would the New Orleans Saints, picking behind them. It's also possible that the Washington Redskins will pick him at 9. To get Castillo or Brown, they would likely have to trade into the 20's.

The Chiefs might be a willing trade partner since they have no second or third round picks. The Jets might be able to sweeten the pot by throwing in linebacker Victor Hobson. The Chiefs need help at outside linebacker.

Jets GM Terry Bradway is good friends with Chiefs GM Carl Peterson. Bradway used to work for the Chiefs. Jets coach Herman Edwards is very close with Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil, who he played under in Philadelphia. These connections could help a potential deal get done, if both sides are interested.

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