Bradway says he expects Brien at minicamp

Terry Bradway had a nasty exchange with reporters about kicker Doug Brien's future and about the selection of kicker Mike Nugent. Here it is:<p>

Mark Cannizzaro - New York Post - "Terry have you talked to Doug Brien at all?"

Bradway - "We have talked to Doug, yes."

Cannizzaro - "Will he be at the minicamp next weekend?"

Bradway - "I'm not going to answer any of that. I don't think it's fair to answer that. I expect him to be here. I can't answer it right now, so I'm not going to answer it. You want an answer, I can't give you can answer."

Cannizzaro - "You won't give us an answer."

Bradway - "I don't think it's fair. When we are ready to give you an answer, we will give you can answer, but it's not the appropriate time to do that."

Cannizzaro - "What makes it inappropriate?"

Bradway - "Timing."

Cannizzaro - "So he is expected to be at this minicamp?"

Bradway - "I don't think I can answer that one way or another. I think those discussions are private. The problem is sometimes you guys (the media) want answers before people are ready to give them to you. We want to do this the right way."

Dave Picker - New York Times - What about people who say you shouldn't pick a kicker that high - there are two schools of thought on that.

Bradway - "Who said that?"

Picker - "Some people."

Bradway - "Who are some people?"

Picker - "Very few kickers have been chosen that high."

Bradway - "Not many of them are that good. Who are those people - you have any examples?"

Dan Leberfeld - Jets Confidential - "Jimmy Johnson."

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