A conversation with Jets new RT Adrian Jones

Q)Switching from left to right tackle, the first day of minicamp must have been like the first day of school.

Jones: It was a little like that, coming in and learning a new offense. Everything was a different language. You had to learn plays and then get it done, and get evaluated by the coaches. It was a pretty crazy time for me.

Q)What are the biggest adjustments going from the left to right side?

Jones: Working on my footwork and hand speed. Pretty much just adjusting to flopping everything over and stop thinking towards the left side and think more towards the right. The major parts are the footwork and the hand placement. There are different aiming points. As far as the plays, you just have to think the opposite. You were thinking left side all the time, and now you think right side. The biggest adjustment is actually footwork.

Q)You've had a lot of change in recent years. First you were moved from tight end to left tackle as a senior at Kansas, and now from left tackle to right tackle in your second year in the NFL . . .

Jones: I was more or less a power tight end anyway (in college). I was more of a blocking tight end in the first place. So switching to the next position, wasn't too big of change, but it was still a change. I wasn't running out on routes at all. Now to switch over to right tackle, it's a little work in progress, but since I've been here a year, it's a little easier to adjust. I would say I still have a lot to learn, but I'm ready to jump into the fire.

Q)How good can you be at right tackle?

Jones: I would really and truly like to be a dominating player. I would like to be one of those tackles where, in the defensive meeting room, they've got to look at me and find my weaknesses. I want to be someone people spend more time on than just a regular pro tackle.

Q)Why did they move you from tight end to left tackle at Kansas?

Jones: Coach (Mark) Mangino called me into a meeting and sat me down and told me that we needed a left tackle and it was the best position for me at the time. The offense was going towards a smaller tight end to get more vertical routes, instead of the five and ten yard short routes. We kind of needed a left tackle, and he thought I was very athletic, and the left tackle position is an athletic position, so he thought it would be an easy transition for me to go to left tackle.

Q)Did you send him a gift after you were drafted since you probably didn't have a future as an tight end in the NFL?

Jones: I told him thank you for giving me the opportunity to go ahead and succeed in football.

Q)How much is new offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger changing the offense?

Jones: At this point in time, we haven't made too many changes. We are fine-tuning the things we did best, and the things we didn't do as well, we are changing those or scheming them differently.

Q)Heimerdinger yells quite a bit. Have you felt his wrath yet?

Jones: With his style of coaching, there is no question who he is talking to. If you are not getting it done, he tell you that you, you are not getting it done.

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