Bradway and Edwards admit Chad is throwing

While Jets brass continue to tell their beat writers that Chad Pennington isn't throwing yet, that isn't what they are saying on ESPN Radio.

Jets General Manager Terry Bradway was a guest of John Clayton last weekend, and was asked how his franchise quarterback was progressing from off-season shoulder surgery.

"(Chad) is a little bit ahead of schedule," Bradway told Clayton. "He's throwing a little bit on the side. He's throwing long balls now. He hasn't thrown any live balls yet ... but he's doing really well now."

Jets coach Herman Edwards appeared earlier this week on the "Mike and Mike Show" on ESPN Radio, and confirmed what Bradway said.

"He is throwing probably every other day at this point," said Edwards. "He's throwing it about 80 times in a day, and not a lot of long passes at this point. He is recovering well, and we anticipate when training camp starts he will be ready to roll."

When asked to comment on Bradway and Edwards remarks, which contradicted what the front office has told the beat writers, Jets Vice President Ron Colangelo said, "Chad did not throw during OTA's."

That is what Colangelo has been saying all along, and that statement is accurate. However, Pennington did throw following practices during the OTA's. It's turned into a game of semantics.

One writer who was burned by the Jets handling of Pennington injury information is Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News. Three weeks ago, Cimini was told by a couple of sources that Pennington was throwing. When the writer called the Jets for comment, a team spokesman categorically denied that Pennington had begun to throw. So Cimini backed off the story, which turned out to be true.

"The Jets have been misleading the media about Chad's injury since the day it happened," Cimini told Jets Confidential. "I can understand, to some degree, the need to protect Chad during the season, which might explain why they lied about the severity of his rotator-cuff injury. What I don't understand -- and what I consider duplicitous on their part -- is the way the Jets have handled his rehab. Playing a game of semantics that reeks of a double standard, Bradway and Edwards have released more information to ESPN radio than to the beat writers. I find it interesting that Bradway invokes his "Only-Herm-can-talk-about-injuries" mantra whenever he speaks to the print media, but rarely ever in radio or TV interviews. In my opinion, the Jets' credibility takes a hit here. By misleading a large segment of the media, they, by extension, are misleading their loyal fans."

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