Q-and-A with Reggie Tongue

Q)Where you surprised by your release?

Tongue: Nothing really surprises me in this business anymore. I had a feeling it might happen after they asked (me) to take a pay cut in March. Then I came back and I thought I'd be going into (training) camp with the team.

Q)Were you surprised at the timing of the release?

Tongue: They could have released me then and it would have given some other team an opportunity to give me a fair shot. Now it's June, training camps will be starting soon and teams have their rosters already set. That makes it that much harder to get on to another team.

Q)What reason did the Jets give you for your release?

Tongue: [Mike Tannenbaum] said it was a numbers deal, whatever that means. He said it had to do with the salary cap and there's too many safeties and not enough corners.

Q)What else did he tell you?

Tongue: He said I'm a pro, I handled myself right and I was great in the locker room. He said I was good for the team and I made plays for them, but it (release) was a numbers deal. I can't get all upset.

Q)What was your agent, Van McElroy's, reaction?

Tongue: He was really pissed about it because he had back-and-forth with them in March about letting me go.

Q)If this is it for you, what are your thoughts on your career?

Tongue: They're the only deals that really hover over my head--no Pro Bowl and no (Super Bowl) ring. I played for nine years and that more than anything bothers me the most.

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