Pennington speaks

Q)Will you be ready for camp?

Pennington: Absolutely. Like coach Edwards said, I don't think people need to worry about me. I have full faith in our medical staff and I also trust myself and my work ethic and my goals that I've set for myself to come back stronger than ever.

Q)Where do you feel you are in your rehab?

Pennington: I'm right where I need to be. Our medical staff and Dave Price our athletic trainer has done an awesome job in making sure that I haven't done too much and that I haven't done too little. I feel like I'm right on pace to where I need to be. The goal is to be ready by September 11th, not to be ready in July or August and the rehab plan…we're following it right to the core.

Q)When do you think you'll be able to accelerate your throwing?

Pennington: It accelerates everyday. Everyday, whenever I throw, they add something new every day and there's a plan there. It's not something we just make up when we go on the field.

Q)Will you be throwing when the Jets take part in their first practice on July 29th?

Pennington: Without a doubt. I'll be there ready to go. I'll be fired up. I think everybody will be ready for the season and I'll be there for the first practice.

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