A conversation with Terry Bradway

Q)Is Ty Law out of your price range because of the demands of the Poston Brothers?

Bradway: When I look at our situation here, having Donnie (Abraham) back really helps. I think David Barrett played real well last year. You have Justin (Miller) and (Derrick) Strait and you also have Ray (Mickens) coming back. Ray made a lot of progress this spring. I think we are in pretty shape as far as the cornerback position is concerned.

Q)How is Cedric Houston progressing?

Bradway: We think we have the thyroid condition under control, and he's been working out with [strength coaches] Markus Paul and Sal Alosi.

Q)Justin Miller was arrested twice in college. You guys obviously believe you can help him turn the corner in terms of maturity . . .

Bradway: I do when you look at the support system we have in place. We have a head coach who was a DB coach, we have a defensive coordinator who was a DB coach, and a DB coach in Corwin Brown, who also played in the league. Also, (Director of Player Relations) Kevin Winston does a good job, especially with our young players helping them make a transition. That along with some of the veterans we have on our team, this will be a good spot for him. I do believe he is a good guy, and we have a great system in place for him.

Q)When Reggie Tongue agreed to the paycut early in the off-season, it looked like he was in the plans, or at least would be allowed to compete in training camp. What happened?

Bradway: The progress of some of the young players. We have drafted quite a few safeties over the last few years. When you look at (Jon) McGraw,(Kerry) Rhodes,(Andre) Maddox, (Oliver) Celestine and (Rashad) Washington, along with Erik Coleman, there are six guys right there that we feel pretty good about. We would like to get some stability at the safety position. We've gone with Damien Robinson, Sam Garnes, Reggie Tongue.

Q)Would you agree that there are some issues with Sione Pouha's motor in college?

Bradway: Not to the point that it has been reported. I think sometimes what happens is that people jump on it, and then take it too far. We didn't see him as an underachiever, or a player who took plays off. We didn't see that and in a [platoon], he should be productive for us.

Q)With John Abraham holding out, how have you guys been able to monitor his recovery from the knee injury he suffered last season?

Bradway: We have had some people in our organization talk to him. I haven't specifically talked to him. John is going to be in shape and John is going to be ready. When he will come in, I can't tell you that. We will go full speed ahead with the guys we've got here, but I think when John comes in here, he will be ready to play.

Q)Not a lot of people are aware of this, but you guys have the rights to one of NFL's Europe's best quarterbacks - Kevin Eakin . . .

Bradway: Kevin was quite a surprise. Art Weiss his agent called us and asked us to give him a shot and send him over there, and we did. He had a real good workout for us. He has a very strong arm. He is a real good student of the game. The reports we were getting back from the Frankfurt coach were very, very positive. He threw 11 touchdowns and five interceptions. He actually beat Akili Smith out.

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