Donatucci discusses Pennington's progress

Chad Pennington is currently rehabilitating his surgical right shoulder at the IMG Academy in Sarasota, FL. He is working under the watchful eye of International Performance Institute director David Donatucci. Here is what Donatucci has to say about Pennington's progress:

"He'll be ready. He's pretty close now. His conditioning is the area that is a little suspect. When you get to your sixth year in the NFL, your body starts to overcompensate for some things. Most of it is simple, like using his hips properly to push off when he throws. He probably was relying a lot on his arm to throw more than his legs.

"He is trying to get him back in tune with how his body feels - trying to take him away from the element of football and retrain his body how to fire correctly. We're working on everything from head to toe, his leg strength in particular because that has been suspect.

"There are a lot of flexibility exercises, getting more mobility and range of motion in his shoulder. He's got a pretty good program from the Jets, which he does first, then he does his movement stuff outside, then we'll go back in the weight room. After that, his wife (Robin) gets him the rest of the day."

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