Pennington fit and ready to go?

Quarterback Chad Pennington is in the final stages of his rehab program and with less than a week to go before training camp, he proclaimed himself fit and ready to go.

After roughly four months of inactivity after undergoing surgery to repair a partially torn right rotator cuff in February, Chad Pennington began throwing in late May or early June. He's currently throwing twice a week; making between 100 and 130 passes each session at distances ranging from 10 to 40 yards.

Pennington won't throw on consecutive days until training camp because constant throwing will actually weaken his shoulder rather than strengthen it. The ``cranky'' shoulder Pennington has now is not because of the surgery, but from fatigue as he tries to build up muscles that support the shoulder, affecting his endurance in the long run.

"My goal is to be 100% by Sept. 11 (the regular season opener in Kansas City)," Pennington said. "I don't want to just be able to make it through a practice, I want to be able to make it through all of camp and feel good about my shoulder once camp ends and we go into the season."

Pennington probably will be limited to one practice a day at the start of camp. Quarterbacks normally throw between 75 to 100 passes during each training camp practice, so 150 to 200 passes during two-a-days will be too much for Pennington at the start. Pennington, though, knows which practices he definitely wants to be in.

"Obviously every time we go (with) pads I want to practice because that's when you can really get the real experience of football," Pennington said. "That's real football when you go full pads. That's when you get the timing down, the accuracy, when you get the feel of the pass rush."

Besides getting his arm in shape, Pennington is also going to have to immerse himself in the Jets' new offense under coordinator Mike Heimerdinger. During recent minicamps and OTAs, Pennington has been memorizing a new playbook while sitting out practices. Once training camp starts, he'll be implementing those plays for real.

"It's going to take some time and that's what training camp is for," Pennington said. "I'm just really excited about the possibilities and potential we have as an offense and this system has to be really explosive. Our main goal is to score more points. It's not just about moving the football and having the yards its about getting in the end zone."

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