Pennington excited about his progress

The hot topic has been the health of Jets' quarterback Chad Pennington as he begins throwing in training camp practices. It has been discussed since the offseason began and will carry over well into the season. On Friday, Pennington discussed the issues revolving around his shoulder.

How does your shoulder feel?

Chad Pennington: I feel great. Everything is going well and I'm really excited about the plan we have in place. I'm practicing in the afternoon because that's where most of our team situations and special situations that we are working on will happen. That is why we picked the afternoon practices to focus on and that's why I'm excited about it.

How is the rehab going?

Chad Pennington: Well, I am going to use training camp to put the finishing touches on my rehab. I feel like I am about 85 percent right now and I am going to use camp to try to get the last 15 percent and work on things that are hard to work on without practicing and having live action and being able to throw over people and around people, having to throw off your back foot and having to make adjustments here and there and react. Those are things that you really can't practice by yourself, you have to get out there on the field and that's what training camp is for.

I feel that once I have that in place its full steam ahead.

How strong is your shoulder now?

Chad Pennington: Well the biggest thing when you are rehabbing a shoulder is the strength and most of the time to strengthen your shoulder and build it up, it comes through weight training. Any time you throw the football, that's not a strengthening process, so that's why we are limiting it to one practice a day and in between practices, before practices I am constantly in the weight room trying to get strong.

There is also another part to that and that is reaction. Without playing and being able to react and throw, having your central nervous system fire properly and that's what practice is for.

Are your frustrated at not being 100 percent yet?

Chad Pennington: It's not frustrating. It is just part of the process and I feel like I had a great off season, probably the best off season I've ever had as far as being in tune with my body and aware of what I have to do to prepare for opening day.

I have tried to use the experience that I had with Vinnie and the time that I have seen Jay. Those are two veterans QB's that know how to take care of their bodies. They have dealt with injuries before and been able to play and not miss time. I've had two great examples there and right now I definitely have an urge to play.

The great thing about training camp and the way I approach it, I'm an actually able to be out there with my teammates dressed in pads right now. In the spring I was holding a clip board and now I'm out there with my teammates and that what it's all about.

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