A conversation with Jets WR Laveranues Coles

The New York Jets traded wide receivers with the Washington Redskins this offseason, re-obtaining Laveranues Coles. Coles had his best season with quarterback Chad Pennington back in 2002. He sat down to discuss the reunion and more on Saturday.

How does it feels to be teamed up again with Chad Pennington

Laveranues Coles: The main thing for me and Chad is to get on the same page. We talk whether he's practicing or not practicing. He comes over, he talks to me, he makes sure that I understand what he's thinking when I'm out there on a certain play and he's not there. We're basically still getting our communication lines back open and that's what pretty much got us going in our first couple of years here.

Did you miss playing with Chrebet, Pennington and the Jets?

Laveranues Coles: Anytime you develop that type of relationship with guys, there's always going to be a part of you that misses those guys. We stayed in contact, we still talked, we always joked about the fact that I would come back even before it seemed possible that I would make it back. It came sooner than we thought it would, but we always joked about it, so for me to be here with those guys is just a blessing itself

Do you think you and Chad will feel the same chemistry you did in 2002?

Once we start throwing and get in a game situation, I think things will come back for us more naturally that way. I don't think that's going to happen out here on the practice field, it's just something we develop by playing together. Once we get back into things and the preseason and regular season roles around we'll just see how fast we get things back together.

How would you compare your game now to when you left?

Laveranues Coles: I have more experience. I had an opportunity to go off and experience a whole other conference. I had a chance to play against different style of cornerbacks in Champ Bailey and practice against those guys. So I think for me I got the opportunity to learn a little bit more and get a little bit more knowledge of the game and I can bring that back here.

What makes Chrebet so effective?

Laveranues Coles: The respect I have for him is because you can't really judge a book by it's cover because he's such a great player and the way he goes out and plays the game, he doesn't have all of the natural abilities; the speed, the height, the size, the weight. But the way he plays the game I just have such a great amount of respect for him.

There was one game in my rookie season, he caught a ball down the sideline and just turned and reached for the endzone and scored a touchdown. It was the New England game. I was standing on the sideline watching him make play after play after play. I was just thinking that guy is an exceptional ballplayer. At that time they were still in the Keyshawn (Johnson) mode and everybody wanted to talk about how good Keyshawn was.

What was your reaction when you realized the Jets wanted you back?

Laveranues Coles: Once they showed an interest in the fact that they wanted to bring me back it was a homerun from there because it was my first choice to come back here. In the beginning it was my first choice and I wanted to come back because I had a relationship with all the players and me and Coach Edwards; just the way he ran camp and treated the guys. He treated us like men. Outside all of the negative things that were being said, I always kind of knew I would end up back once it became a possibility for me to come back.

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