A conversation with Jets TE Doug Jolley

One of the new toys New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington will have this year is tight end Doug Jolley, acquired from the Oakland Raiders this offseason.

What are your impressions of Mike Heimerdinger's offense?

Doug Jolley: Coach Dinger is a great coach, he knows his stuff. It's a good offense, good for the TE. He likes to coach them almost as much as he likes coaching the offense.

He seems to love to throw to the tight end?

Doug Jolley: If you look at Heimerdinger's record he's had a lot of tight ends catch balls everywhere he's gone. I have been in this offense, a West Coast offense, my first two years at Oakland and I enjoyed it. Rich Gannon got me the ball and I'm looking at the same relationship here with Chad.

Are you a tight end who likes to get down the field?

Doug Jolley: I think that's what they brought me in here to do, to get the tight end down the field a little bit and make some things happen. That's what I'm out there working on, so some of these things happen in a game.

How do you like playing for Herman Edwards?

Doug Jolley: He is very impressive. He's a great man and he takes care of us. He works us and gets us better, but he isn't going to take it over board. I love playing for Herm. His camp is great. He's got us out here working hard, but not having us do unnecessary things.

How flattering was it to you how bad the Jets wanted to trade for you?

Doug Jolley: (It was) very flattering. Since the day I was traded I was very excited to come to New York. Anytime a team chooses to trade for you, you know they want you and they are looking forward to using you. I'm hoping to come out here and make some things happen.

You seem to be moving around quite a bit?

Doug Jolley: I think [Heimerdinger] is looking to move me around quiet a bit. He has me and Chris Baker playing at the same time and any time the two of us are together he's going to have me at the H back. That calls for me to move around quiet a bit and block in motion and things like that.

How hard is it to get on the same page as Chad Pennington with his limited practice schedule?

Doug Jolley: There are other things you can do to try to get on the same page. Talking about how he wants you to run routes and watching film together and getting to know each other better. Even though he may be just primarily practicing in the afternoon there are other ways you can get on the same page and get some chemistry going.

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