Conversation with Jets QB Chad Pennington

New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington talked about taking the day off on Wednesday, his grasp of the new offense, being satisfied with his performance and being the best offense int the league.

How did you feel Thursday night after getting the day off Wednesday?

Chad Pennington: I feel much better. It's a work in progress and just a matter of time. After you work five days in-a-row, it's probably smart to take a day off. You have to train hard, but you have to train smart. We wanted to take a day off, especially since we have the Giants on Saturday, and that's going to be full-go live action with people flying around so you want to be ready for that. When you play against somebody other than your home team, you want to be there and not have to sit out because you're sore or fatigued. You have to say it was a good call by Coach Edwards.

How are you coming along in the new offense?

Chad Pennington: The biggest thing is that you cannot get frustrated, you have to keep working and feel comfortable with making the right reads, eventually the throws will come and all the kinks will get worked out.

How far along are you in terms of throwing they way you want to?

Chad Pennington: I'm getting there. I'm not satisfied by any means. Sometimes I have what I want and sometimes I don't. I'm not going to get frustrated. I could have gotten frustrated a long time ago when I could barely move my arm. I think it's a matter of time, and as we keep working, and I keep looking forward, I think I'll finally get to where I want to.

Coach Edwards seemed pretty ticked off about the offense on Wednesday . . .

Chad Pennington: With a new offense, you're going to make mistakes, you're going to do some things wrong, but what you can control is how you compete and how fast you play. That's what we have to do as an offense. We have to set the tempo if we're going to be the best offense in the League.

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