Sam Gash on cornerback Ty Law

A big reason the Jets are the favorites to land free agent cornerback Ty Law is the amount of friends he has playing or coaching for the Jets.

Three former New England teammates are with the Jets organization. First and foremost is running back Curtis Martin. But let's not forget, assistant coaches Corwin Brown and Sam Gash.

Gash was asked what the Jets would be getting if they landed Ty Law.

"Whew, a champion," said Gash, the Jets assistant running backs coach. "He is a guy who competes on every play. He is a guy who had the attitude that he was not going to get beat. 'You can come over here if you want to, but this is my side of the field.' He carries that attitude with him on to the field, and guys feed off him because they know they can count on him. He is a difference maker, no doubt."

Gash thinks Law would love to play for the Jets.

"Oh yeah he would," said Gash. "Just to be reunited with Curtis. He and Curtis are great friends. Me and Ty are great friends still. I think he would be a good addition to the football team.

"Not to say anything against the guys we have here, because we have a lot of great players. Those guys are playing hard and practicing hard. Having Ty would be good, but he's not here right now. One thing I learned as a coach - out of sight, out of mind."

One reason Law hasn't signed yet with an NFL team is that he's still rehabbing a broken foot he suffered last year. Gash, who suffered almost every injury you could imagine during his 13-year NFL career as a fullback, thinks the foot could present a challenge for Law, but not one he can't meet.

"[A broken foot] is tough, that is real tough," said Gash. "You are on an island out there. At fullback, I could run straight and be fine. I played 11 games with a dislocated left toe.

"But if he is 85-90 percent, he's just as good as any corner in the league. I saw him working on television, and he was planting on his foot and looked good, looked real good. If Ty says he will be ready come the regular season, he will be ready." Gash think Law and the Jets would be a great marriage.

"I think it would be a perfect fit for him," said Gash. "He can come right in and help a team that is already good, and he's been a Super Bowl champion. He will able to watch practice, and see if the guys aren't doing it right, or the tempo isn't right, he's a great voice for the team. He will be a leader instantly."

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