A conversation with Mike Westhoff

Jets assistant head coach Mike Westhoff served as the team's head coach at the Wednesday night practice. Herman Edward was with his wife who had a baby. Here are Westhoff's thoughts following the practice:

What was wrong with the field?

Mike Westhoff: We just wanted to build that crap (black rubber in FieldTurf) up to see if we could practice on it. They rake the field to get it in and it evens out. Obviously we didn't get it out in time. We practiced around it but that was certainly something we didn't want to do. They just need to re-rake it. I was not very happy at the beginning of practice, trust me.

So did you have to avoid certain parts of the field?

Mike Westhoff: We just moved the ball around in different spots that's all. I moved all of my drills (special teams) completely because, I guess, it (black rubber in FieldTurf) just didn't get pushed in enough, but it didn't hurt us.

What are some of the things you guys worked on in practice?

Mike Westhoff: We were working a little of our offense against what Detroit was doing and vice versa. Then we competed against each other for a while. That one nine-on-seven was fun for me to watch because I thought we got after it a little bit.

Can you give us an update on the condition of Dewayne Robertson?

Mike Westhoff: No. You'd have to ask coach tomorrow or the trainers. I'm not aware of it.

What are your thoughts on the progress of Chad Pennington?

Mike Westhoff: He's progressing. I see him progressing and each day he does a little bit more. I think you'll see his explosion get better, it seems to me it's coming on. You just have to give him credit. He's out here working and throwing all the time so I'm certainly pleased. I think he's progressing pretty well.

What are your plans for the special teams against Detroit?

Mike Westhoff: Mike Nugent is going to kick. I'll rotate the punters as much as possible, but if there's a particular situation that we want to make sure someone is getting that and they haven't gotten, I'll break the rotation. I don't do rotations on special teams. I have one team that plays and I'll substitute. I don't have a second punt team that will play in the second half. I'll keep one group on the field and then I'll spot substitute them. We want to be able to see a young kid, that's going to try and make our football team, and how he plays against the varsity. Not in the fourth quarter of a JV game. I'm going to see if these guys can play against (Lions kick returner) Eddie Drummond. The only way to do it is to have one team.

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