Jets need to be leery of Jackson's shoulder

The Jets are looking for a defensive lineman and are looking at the Raiders' Grady Jackson today. Jackson was in Buffalo earlier Weds.

Jackson is a former 6th round pick who blossomed into Oakland's most dominant and consistent defensive lineman last year.

The Jets have to be leery of Jackson's shoulder problems. He underwent off-season surgery on his right shoulder following the 199 season and played most of last year with a nagging soreness in the same spot.

"I had a tore rotator cuff in 2000. I played with it through the season. I had it repaired after the 2000 season and I played all through the 2001 season. It's fine now, I'm just still rehabbing it. It wasn't slower coming back in 2001 at all. I did face a lot more double teams, which might explain why my sack numbers were down from 2000."

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