Conversation with Jets QB Chad Pennington

New York Jets quarterback Chad Pennington is participating in two-a-days and is ready for that first hit of the year on Friday when the Jets host Minnesota.

What went into the decision for you to take part in both practices today?

Chad Pennington: I always talked about our plan and our plan was that after the Detroit game, I would do two-a-days.

The plan called for the first two weeks of only one-a-days because I hadn't thrown in consecutive days. After two weeks of throwing and going through one-a-days, kind of being my OTA experience, then go into two-a-days after the Detroit game barring any setbacks. Thank goodness I hadn't had any setbacks and things have been going pretty well. We're just looking forward to the next day and you never know what's going to happen. I think things are looking pretty good right now.

That was the plan and thank goodness it worked out.

Are you feeling any discomfort in your shoulder?

Chad Pennington: Not really. I'm feeling good, I feel like I'm getting better every day and I'm excited about the challenge of learning the offense. I've been in this offense for four years now, and now I have to change a few things, read things differently and throw some different types of balls and it's a big challenge.

How pumped are you to now be participating in two-a-days?

Chad Pennington: I hate missing practice and I'm happy that I can go through two practices in one day now. It's a bad feeling when you can't and now I've been able to cross that barrier and get over that hump. I'm looking forward to the next hump and really digesting this offense and getting used to it, getting comfortable with it and taking on that challenge to where when we line up against Kansas City, I'll feel comfortable with what I'm doing in my reads and be able to execute.

How excited are you about getting some game action Friday night?

Chad Pennington: I'm really excited to get into game action and be in the huddle with my teammates and go through what a game experience is like all over again. It's been awhile and a long road so this is kind of the first step to ending the recovery phase and just moving on, playing quarterback and trying to lead this team where we want to go.

What are your thoughts about taking your first hit?

Chad Pennington: I feel good about it. I don't think anything is going to happen out there at all. I've done a really good job of strengthening my shoulder and doing all of the necessary things to give it endurance and strength to be able to take a beating. I feel like I'm as strong as I ever was. I actually think I have more muscle mass than I used to. I feel pretty good about that and I'm looking forward to it. I want to play football and that's what football is about. It's a contact sport.

How did your arm respond to two-a-days?

Chad Pennington: I think it's a very good sign to come back from a morning practice and feel even better than in the morning. I think it's a great sign and I'm really pleased with that. Not to have any set backs or soreness or anything from the morning practice is pleasing. Now I just have to start putting things together and really concentrate on the offense, not worry about myself anymore. It was getting kind of old worrying about this and talking about it. Now I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on which is getting this offense down and learning these reads. It's different. It has the roots of the West Coast but it's definitely different in how we see things.

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