Vinny wants contract worked out

<P>Jets quarterback Vinny Testaverde, who underwent successful surgery on March 26, 2002 to remove a benign bone tumor from the fourth metatarsal in his right foot, issued his first statements today regarding the surgery and his outlook for the 2002 football season. </P>

"The surgery I had on March 26 was to correct a problem I've been having for a number of years. I would expect the correction to only enhance my performance on the field," Testaverde said. "My off-season programs will very much parallel my 1998 off-season program, which seemed to work pretty well for me." (He had a season ending left Achilles tendon injury suffered in the 1999 season-opener against the New England Patriots, which required season-ending surgery.)

"I would hope that the contract situation will be resolved shortly and I can focus on the 2002 season."

 Currently the Jets have four quarterbacks on their roster: Testaverde, third-year pro Chad Pennington, second-year man Tory Woodbury and first-year player Gus Ornstein.

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