Henderson responds to Peter King

After the myriad of fights between the Jets and Giants in Albany, Sports Illustrated's Peter King said the skirmishes, which some people blamed on Donnie Henderson, would hurt the Jets defensive coordinator's chances of being an NFL head coach.

On Monday, Henderson finally replied to King's comments, that where made more than a week ago, on the Giants pregame show prior to their game at Cleveland.

"The first messenger who told me that was the guys on 'The Fan,' said Henderson, referring to New York radio station, WFAN, "so you know how much I put into that. If Peter said that, then it's fine. I can't say Peter said that one way or the other because I didn't hear him say that. I know everyone is telling me he said that. You have to ask Peter why he said that."

Henderson was asked, at Monday's press briefing if he thought his coaching style might scare off some general managers, looking for a head coach?

"Why do they think they would frown on my style?" asked Henderson. "If my style fits, then it fits. There is one thing my dad always told me, 'be you.' I can't be anyone else. That's how I coach."

As for what happened in Albany, Henderson said that he, and Giants coach Tom Coughlin, talked on the phone recently, and patched up their relationship, which wasn't great when the Jets left Albany.

"I wasn't trying to be disrespectful or anything," Henderson said regarding the incidents that took place in Albany.

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