So when is Abraham going to report?

The Jets training camp ended on Wednesday, and there was still no sign of the team's best defensive player.

As the singer Dion once sang, "Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham?"

Jets star defensive end John Abraham missed the entire Jets training camp due to a contract holdout. The Jets want him to play for a one-year contract at $6.67 million. That figure is based on him being the Jets franchise player. But the former first round round pick wants a long-term deal.

Abraham has yet to sign the $6.67 million offer sheet presented to him by the Jets. He must do so by September 6 to not lose any of that money. So at the very least, it stands to reason he will be in by then.

But according to the Newark Star-Ledger, he will report to Jets training camp early next week. And according to another published report, Abraham will be in New York Friday.

However, a source close to Abraham, questions those dates.

"It's like a John Abraham pool - somebody has Friday, somebody has Saturday, somebody has Monday," said the source. "Friday isn't happening and neither is Sunday."

The source says Abraham will come in immediately if the Jets grant him one wish.

"John will come in tommorrow if the Jet promise not to put the franchise tag on him again next year," said the source.

That is the promise Seattle made to their franchise player, running back Shaun Alexander.

Jets GM Terry Bradway told ESPN Radio's Peter Schwartz recently that he has no interest in such a deal.

The source close to Abraham says the defensive end hasn't made it clear when he intends on reporting.

"It's up to John," said the source. "It's John's call."

You have to wonder if Abraham will be able to play in Week One at Kansas City if he reports the Tuesday before the opener. Will that give him enough time to get ready? According to Jets coach Herman Edwards, as long as he reports before the opener, he is going to play some role against the Chiefs.

"As long as he doesn't miss the bus to Kansas City, he'll play," said Edwards. "He could wake up at 4:30 a.m., and rush the passer."

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