John Abraham - In his own words

Mine wasn't a holdout. I just didn't sign my contract. Everybody said I was holding out, but I wasn't holding out because I didn't have a contract.

I think I accomplished something from a business standpoint. I really don't think they'll want me to do this next year. I really don't think we played this well or did things right, either one of the parties, me or them, but I think I accomplished what I want to.

It's was a business decision, not anything personal. I'm back now with my teammates. I came back for them and pretty much just them.

I'm going to just go play and not worry about [the contract] - go relax and have fun. I'm not going to hold any grudges. I don't need to come to work and worry about how I feel about the people upstairs.

People say it's about the money, but it's not about the money. It's about the stability in your life. I'm 27, it's not like I'm 23 or 24. I'm not a young guy just coming into the league and have six or seven more years. Everybodys know that when you get around 30, you start decreasing, so it's just about that security. The players association should look at it a little harder before we agreed to [the franchise tag].

I have been doing football related stuff. It's not like I'm coming in here out of shape. I feel good and I think I'm on pace where I need to be. I felt better off the ball than I thought I would for the first time, and every time after that. I think I'm ahead of the game from where I thought I was going to be. I feel like I'm in shape, but the football shape is getting hit and getting pounded. It's different from running plays and doing drills that I've been doing.

I have almost two weeks, two practices (this week) and probably three or four practices next week before the KC game. So for me it was more about the timing of getting ready for the first game, and not trying to hurt the team. I had to figure out a good time to help me put the team in a good situation. I think this was the best date for returning and being ready to play.

I'm 265 pounds this year, I've gained 10 pounds and I did it on purpose to try and last the whole year. Maybe if I put on a little more weight, a little more bulk, it will help me on the run a little more. I know I had a problem with stamina. Like I said guys are beating up on you, you're getting hit so much. This year I didn't have that preseason of getting beat up. So we'll see how it works out this year.

Actually, I've been this big before then I lost weight during the season. I'm trying to keep the weight on during the season. Usually, my body naturally loses the weight once season starts, but I'm going to try to keep it on. I didn't go through training camp so I didn't lose weight. This time hopefully I can keep it on through the season.

The [extra ten pounds] felt good. Moving around I felt good. Running and chasing people down it felt the same. I feel like I look a little better and I feel like I'm going to play a littel better.

Hopefully, I can stay healthy for 16 games this year. I think that's the only problem I've had in the NFL is just staying healthy. When I'm on the field I've been a force and I've been a good player.

I hope everyone stays healthy. Me, Chad, Ty, we're all coming off of injuries from last year. I'm hoping everyone can stay healthy because I think we have a team and a nucleus that can get us to where we want to be. I think that everyone sees that this team has a lot of potential so we just have to stay on the field.

I didn't do anything to hurt my image (last season). That was strictly put on by [the media], that wasn't put on by me. That was strictly reporters reporting what they thought was right. It never came out of my mouth anything about I'm not playing because I want money. [The media] put it out that way and said it that way. I said future, that's all I said, and it was taken completely out of context. My future, 10 minutes from now, that's my future. You can take it how you want to.

I have no more challenges with the media. I've been through everything. I've been called an alcoholic. I've been called a drunk. I've been called a coward for not playing because I was hurt. I've been called a guy that gets injured all the time. Anything possible, pretty much, that [the media] can say bad about me was said.

Terry and Mike and Herm, they know all the stuff I've been perceived as is pretty much false. You can keep writing it, but as long as I can go home and put my head on my pillow and sleep well, I'm not going to worry about it.

All [the contract] stuff is in the past. The season is about to start, so I'm letting all that stuff go. Once the season is over, we can jump back into that mode, but right now, I'm in the team mode, representing Chad, Ty, Wayne, Laveranues, everybody who I love and I'm ready to play with.

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