Jets QB Chad Pennington - In his own words

I'm just ready to get the regular season started. This is when it gets exciting. Season openers are always exciting, especially playing on the road in a stadium like Arrowhead Stadium.

I've never played there before. I know it's a loud place, they play really great at home and it's one of the great stadiums of the league. It shows the fan support by how loud they get. It's a big challenge for us. We have to communicate and make sure we're not letting the crowd noise get to us, affecting how we play.

It's going to take time (to get comfortable in the offense) and everyday I try to make progress. Bottom line, when Sunday comes you find a way to win. Throw everything out the window and not worry about how far we've come, just try to get a win no matter how ugly or pretty it is. It's going to be a process throughout the whole year but I think we've established a good base to where we can go and win football games now.

Whatever [Mike Heimerdinger] feels is going to take advantage of a defense, what he feels comfortable with and what he sees on film, he's got to dial up. I don't want it streamlined where it holds you back. As a professional you have to adapt and make the adjustments you need to make. I'm not trying to hold us back at all. Whatever he feels is necessary, I want him to call and I'll run it and try to execute it the best I can.

Throughout the whole season we'll be getting a feel for each other. He'll be getting a feel for me and my goal is to get inside his head and get on the same page as him, think how he thinks. That will be something that will come along slowly. As long as it doesn't hold us back, we'll be fine.

There's two things (I need to work on). One is that I've been working on different styles of footwork that he wants me to have with drops. Secondly is taking the scripts out to practice and going over the reads, taking down notes on the details of each play and the coverage's. I'm thinking about the coverages of each play and where I'd go depending on the coverages.

I think that's a work in progress too. There are some plays where you feel real comfortable and some plays where you have to be more decisive, but the biggest thing I want to concentrate on is when you go on the road you can't turn the ball over and give them easy turnovers and create field positions for them. We always talk about managing the game. People always talk about the being a vertical offense, but at the same time you have to be able to manage the game when they take the vertical throw away from you. Decisiveness comes with more practice, more study and more reps.

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