Five Questions with Herman Edwards

Q)Are you going to continue with the shotgun formation after all the problems in Kansas City?

Edwards: We're going to keep doing it. We're not going to change after one game and say this doesn't work. From the beginning when people were talking about why we weren't in the shotgun for four years, I said it all looks good sometimes, but sometimes if they hike the ball and it goes over the guy's head, you got to live with that, too. Right now we're living with it. We had some bad exchanges and we'll get it corrected.

Q)Why didn't the coaches in the booth tell you to challenge the Priest Holmes touchdown?

Edwards: They got the replay after the kick. I couldn't challenge that. It was too late. The way I look at the tape, it could have been a hard decision. The ball is on the one­-inch line, I don't know if that's a good challenge or not. I asked the guys, and they said, "Coach, we thought it came after the field goal." I can't see standing on the 30 yard line. I got good eyes, but not that good.

Q)Why are there problems picking up the blitz?

Edwards: I just think, at times, we just weren't in sync with our protection. We did a good job all week. And for some reason, we just got awry. We made some checks we normally don't do, and that's not good. And you can't be hesitant when people are blitzing you.

Q)What did you say to the players?

Edwards: Obviously it's one game. You got to take a look at yourself and ask yourself - Did you play up to your expectations? And if not, why? No player wakes up in the morning saying he's going to have a bad game or not play up to his expectations. Why didn't we perform well? And I think we all have to look at that and learn from it and move on.

Q)How is Chad's confidence right now?

Edwards: He'll learn from it and we got to move on. We have 15 games left. If this was the last game of the season, you'd feel really bad. But it was the first game. So you got to look at it that way.

I think it's the whole offense, not just him. Everybodies involved in it. I just think they're behind. That's part of the process when you put something in like that. No different than the defense. Probably a little harder to play offense than it is defense when you put a new defense in. That's the way it is. We're not going to change anything. We're going to continue to do what we do.

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