Edwards expects to get deal done Friday

Jets notes: Coach Edwards said today about Vinny's contract, "We expect it to get done, it's going to get done."

Terry Bradway, "I agree. We've had great conversations with Denny. With Mike also. We're dealing with it. We'll get it done."

Bradway also said he expects his quarterback to be a hundred percent when training camp starts. "He's got a great outlook, great frame of mind. He's ready to go." the GM said.

Other notes: The Jets are no longer interested in Grady Jackson...Look for the Jets to rework other players' contracts (like Wayne Chrebet)  over the next several weeks..Herman Edwards said they are no longer looking at Christian Peter.

The pre-season game at Pittsburgh on August 12th has been switched to Thursday, August 8th. That will be at 8 p.m. kick-off and will be televised on ESPN...The Jets draft party will be on on Saturday, April 20th, at Planet Hollywood, beginning at 11:30. Current and former Jets players will be there. It's open and free to the public April 20th.

 Terry Bradway on James Farrior: "That's part of the system we're in now. It's unfortunate for James. He had an opportunity to come back. They decided early on they wanted to wait. That waiting kind of forced our hand. The adage, if they look, we look. We were able to pick up some good football players in doing that. That's the way the system works."

"There's going to be some winners, there's going to be some losers. Hopefully for James it all works out in the end. James is a good guy, played very well for us last year. But this problem isn't just unique to the Jets, it's throughout the entire National Football League."

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