Q-and-A with John Abraham

Q)Are you further along than you thought you would be?

Abraham: I'm definitely further than I thought I would be.  I think I'm right where I need to be.  The first game I didn't think I would be able to play 34 plays.  I'm definitely where I need to be right now, at this time of the year.

Q)You have improved a lot against the run. When did you take a big jump?

Abraham: Probably more last year because I made sure that it was something I worked on.  This year I'm doing the same thing.  It starts in practice, and I know everybody says that, but it really starts in practice.  It's just working on technique.  It's not about being the strongest person in the world; you have to learn how to use your leverage.  What is good for me is my long arms and my leverage I may have on people sometimes.  I had to try and use other things to out-power some guys that may be bigger and stronger than me.

Q)What is the difference between James Reed and Jason Ferguson at the nose tackle spot?

Abraham: [Reed is] a little quicker.  He tends to be a little more disruptive up the field than Jason was. Jason was better at holding blocks, but "Tank," he can get a little deeper in the backfield.  Also "Tank" has matured a lot since he's been here.  You can tell he's ready to be a starter.  I'm definitely glad to have him with me on the sidelines.  At first, everybody is kind of skeptical when you lose a good player like Jason, but "Tank" came in and did what he had to do and I think he's going to be good for us for the rest of the year.

Q)What is your goal as a defense this year?

Abraham: Right now we're 26th in defense and we're definitely not going to end up there.  That's our big thing.  We want to be at least in the top 10.  We know we have to buckle down and get ready for the rest of the year.

Q)What are your thoughts on playing your rivals the Dolphins?

Abraham: I love playing Miami.  I think any time we play Miami, New England or Buffalo, we'always try to have a good game being those are our division teams.  Those are the game we have to win if we want to make it into the playoffs, and we want to achieve what we're trying to do. So every time we play one of those three teams it's a big game for all of us.  Any AFC East team we play feels like the biggest game in the world.

  Q)What is the big focus of the defense this week?

Abraham: To stop the run.  Plain and simple.  All the other stuff will come.  We're not worrying about how many yards we give in the air as much as on the ground.  We feel like we have a good pass rush and a good secondary to not let them get too many big plays.

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