Jets 17 Dolphins 7

A conversation with Chad Pennington.

Q)What are your overall thoughts on the game?

Pennington: It was certainly a blue collar win. Coach was talking all week about how we need to get back to playing fundamental football because when you play fundamental football you always have a chance to win.

Q)What was going through you mind when you fumbled again on the first play from scrimmage?

Pennington: I was so mad about that. I was scrambling in that pile just trying to get the ball back. I just had to come back the next play and get everybody going again.

Q)Talk about that fourth quarter drive . . .

Pennington: We talked about our football team complementing each other. When one side needs the other side to step up, we have to do that. The Dolphins put a good drive together and made it 10-7 and our offense needed to step up to give our defense a breather, go down and put some points on the board and that's what we did.

After that the first play, we didn't have any negative yards. When you play against a good defense, you have to move forward for one or two yards, second down is very important. You can't be at 2-12 or 2-13 and I think that was the key to the drive.

Q)How is your shoulder feeling?

Pennington: I'm doing well.

Q)It's got to feel good to win your first division game?

Pennington: You don't want to start 0-2 and you don't want to lose a division game at home, you want to protect your home turf. It was very important for us to come out and win this game. It wasn't do or die, but in my opinion, I think we prepared and I prepared like this was a game we needed to win, get the momentum going the right way and set the tone.

Q)How long was this week leading up to the game?

Pennington: I think Laveranues (Coles) and myself had the longest week of anybody. It's been a long week for us and we couldn't wait for Sunday to get here and start playing again, play well, and make a difference.

Q)Justin McCareins was quietly effective . . .

Pennington: Justin, he's blue collar. He comes in every day, works hard and is very physical. He's very hard on himself and does a great job. He stepped up and made big plays too.

Q)Herm reminded you to have fun out there . . .

Pennington: Coach and I and the whole team promised ourselves that we were going to enjoy playing this game we love to play. It's all the chaos and things said about our team at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter. What matters is how we feel about ourselves as a team. Making sure we go out and enjoy playing with each other and coming away with a win. That's the biggest thing.

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